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Garrus facepalming is a good reaction image in itself.


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First batch of some older minimalist posters I did based on Mass Effect squadmates :)

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SDCC Exclusive Dark Horse Lithographs by Anthony Palumbo

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The incredible work of Sean Donaldson (AKA Sean-D-Omega). I simply must share this with Tumblr. Source below. Please visit, see his other awesome work, and give kudos!

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Garrus and his child! :D
 -by rinpoo-chuang


Garrus and his child! :D

 -by rinpoo-chuang

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based on something skelletang said. 

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[So these two badasses were at the con in my city that I didn’t get to go to. My friends did but none are really ME fans so didn’t catch who they were. AMMENDED FOUND OUT WHO THEY WERE.]

Thane and Garrus Formalwear - Kitacon, Birmingham 2012

Garrus - Here

Thane - Here

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and then I drew this… Im bad at drawing turians…


and then I drew this… Im bad at drawing turians…

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